About JAI Interior Design

Jeanette A. Isitt      Interior Designer / Owner

Jeanette A. Isitt

Interior Designer / Owner

I have a degree in Professional Interior Design and have been serving Northern California since 1989.

I enjoy traveling, working with people--mixing business with pleasure--and have assisted homes in Sun River, Oregon, Southern California and the Seattle area in Washington as well.

At the present time, I am pursuing Moor Park, Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, and Simi Valley and looking forward to playing golf on the many beautiful courses along the way.

You may see Abi, my labradoodle, at the showroom from time to time, or she may accompany me to appointments while waiting patiently in the car. Abi loves to travel as well, and has been on many trips with me.

Your personal choice and family personality traits are always a high priority with me, and this is where I can assist you in pulling it all together. It's your home, and it should always be pleasing to you.