The Key In Hiring a Designer

Trust is the first key to hiring a designer. Trusting them to fully deliver your desire and expectations for your home or project.  Your home is a reflection of who you are.  Each room for the family reveals their character of who they are and their specific needs. The planning stages is where the project begins for the designer.  The designer needs to know and feel that the client trusts them or they cannot complete the project.  When there is a lack of trust the client begins to slowly take over and obstacles and entanglements come into play, therefore the designer cannot fulfill their job.

One of the main reasons for hiring a designer or design team is to make sure you won’t encounter any problems or mistakes on the particular job.  Their job is to listen and learn who their clients are, what they want to achieve, their likes and dislikes, and keep them on track of the project as to not encounter any unnecessary costs on the part of the client.

There has to be full and open communication on the part of the client and designer.  The client needs to share all her likes and dislikes and the designer is to keep her on track with the specific design to keep the flow of progress. The client of course has the freedom to shop and explore, however should run the ideas past the designer.  The designer’s priority is to assist the client on their journey by listening to the client’s desires and pulling them altogether.  ‘MAKING YOUR HOME YOUR OWN”.